About us

Already in the first two years, InvestPro helped 29 investors from Israel increase their equity.

Why did we start investing?

The basis for the creation of InvestPro was the existing problem of the market for investment in residential and commercial real estate: the purchase of an object requires knowledge and understanding of the market, and the selection and management of an object takes a lot of time. In addition, this type of investment requires trust and guarantees, which only certain investing companies possess.

Our investment experience has shown that you can become the owner of residential and commercial real estate in Odessa without large investments with a project yield of 300% higher than in Israel.

What is our success

Each project is unique and requires an individual integrated approach to assessment and structuring.
InvestPro considers many factors to optimize your investment.
Throughout the entire investment period, you can count on our transparency, flexibility, loyalty, comprehensive and personal support.

InvestPro managers take care of all issues with tenants, utilities and government agencies, which will remove from the investor all risks associated with resolving conflicts within the property.

Thus, the investor needs to determine the amount of investment, choose an object, conclude an agreement and receive monthly payments!

Professional service: managers work purely on scripts

Absolute honesty and reliability of data

Partnership friendships for many years

We are financially motivated by the profitability of our customers

Be always in touch to resolve any issues

We invest in the same properties as our customers!

Our plans for the future

Providing a reasonable and structured selection of properties in promising places, we offer investors the opportunity to participate in projects under construction and already completed in Odessa and receive attractive profits.

Investment risk insurance and constant monitoring of investor capital are an absolute priority.

At the same time, InvestPro will give preference to projects with extraordinary high earning potential: both during the construction of the facility and through short-term or long-term commissioning during the operation period.