Earn on rent
by investing in Odessa property

Constant stable income
Return on Investment:7-9 years

Investment in property for rental

The property is the strongest currency in the world. Buying an apartment for future daily or long-term rental is an opportunity to regularly receive additional passive income.

It is necessary to choose the property for which tenants will be in demand. Want to know who benefits from renting an apartment, with what frequency and at what price? We will definitely tell you!

If you want to buy property for rent, it’s better to buy at the beginning of sales, as then it costs less and more options are available. Remember, good apartments are sold out instantly.

Rental apartment profitability

from 9-15% per year

Real estate market growth

From 3-4% per year

Profit guarantee for the period

36 months

Minimum investment

from 22,000 $

Results of our investors

Experienced investor

When I choosing a company, it was important for me that only one company was engaged in my investments and had its representative offices in Odessa and Israel. For the second year now I have been receiving passive income with these guys. During this time, there was not a single delay in payments. I note that professionals in their field work. The personal manager conducts business at all stages and quickly closes problematic issues.


The investor owns a 5-room apartment in the historical center of the city, divided into 5 one-room apartments.

Total cost of the apartment: 111 500 $
Profit from renting a month: 1375 $
Rental profitability per year: $ 16,500
Annual benefit: 14.8%


I don't believe pension companies! I see no reason and I do not want to wait until 67 years old to receive income from my deductions. The company has a young and energetic team. Understand how to make money. They chose good apartments for me with beautiful numbers. Then I do my business and in addition I get good profit from renting apartments.


The investor owns 4 small-sized apartments a 15-minute walk from the university.

Total cost of apartments: $ 100,100
Profit from renting a month: $ 950
Rental profitability per year: 11400 $
Annual benefit: 11.4%

Inherited a property

I'm from Netanya. I got inherited a 4-room apartment and began to rent it out. Given the cost of the apartment, I realized that you can earn more. Followed by the advice of knowledgeable experts - sold my apartment in Israel and invested in housing abroad. I bought 14 apartments in Odessa. Now my income has grown almost 3 times: from 4,200 shekels a month to 11,600 shekels.


The investor owns 14 apartments.

Total cost of apartments: $ 357,000
Profit from renting a month: 3220 $
Rental profitability per year: $ 38,640
Annual benefit: 10.8%


After the end of the service returned home. I did not understand what to do further. Parents gave money for adulthood. What to do and where to invest them - there were no ideas. I wanted to travel, have fun, relax ... One of my good friends advised me to invest in real estate in Odessa. Now I’ve been traveling for 2 years and get additional real money every month.


The investor owns 1 small apartment.

Total cost of the apartment: $ 25,760
Profit from renting a month: $ 240
Rental profitability per year: $ 2880
Annual benefit: 11.2%

Construction engineer

Long time thought what to do with savings in the bank. I understood that money can depreciate at any moment. Therefore, I decided to try to invest them in real estate. Choose, based solely on profitability: Ukraine, Georgia or the United States? Odessa turned out to be the most promising and affordable for me.


Investor owns 3 apartments near the university (within walking distance).

Total cost of apartments: 74 550 $
Profit from renting month: 720 $
Rental profitability per year: $ 8640
Annual benefit: 11.6%

IT specialist

I was in Odessa at a bachelor party. Well, a very beautiful city! A huge plus is the large local Jewish community. The plans are to buy a couple more apartments and rent them out daily and have more rest.


The investor owns 1 apartment with sea view.

Total cost of the apartment: $ 45800
Profit from renting month: 400 $
Rental profitability per year: $ 4800
Annual benefit: 10.5%

How do we work?

Determination of wishes

You telling us about your preferences. Our experts develop an individual investment concept based on the portrait of future tenants and your financial capabilities.

Selection and choosing of apartments

We select the maximum number of promising options. We make a comparative analysis of all relevant offers on the market and help you choose the most profitable project.

Preparation of the investment plan

We draw up a detailed investment plan taking into account the final cost of real estate, repairs, furniture and operating expenses (depreciation, cleaning, partial repair).

Reservation of apartments

We organize inspection of your favorite apartments at a convenient time for you. We provide the opportunity to book selected properties for free for 2-3 days. Having made your choice, make an advance payment.

Make a deal

Our lawyers prepare and carefully check all documents. Making a deal takes about an hour. If it is not possible to come to the signing of the contract in Odessa, we organize this process remotely. We carry out transactions both in Odessa and in Israel.

Rental Preparation

We are engaged in the search for tenants and the preparation of an apartment for rent. If necessary, we organize repairs, solve household issues, and improve housing conditions.

Gain the profit

We take all the care of the apartment rent. Rest assured: the promised monthly passive income is guaranteed to you!

Guarantees for the investor

Full comprehensive support

A personal manager accompanies you at all stages of cooperation: from finding the best offers for investment in the market to managing the rental of apartments or selling them. We defend your interests, protect investments and, upon request, provide you with financial reports.

How exactly do you help?

Absolute ownership

The contract of sale is executed at the notary public office. All transaction data is entered into a single register of real estate. At the end of the procedure, you receive the original contract and an extract from the registry. Thus, you become the sole full owner of the apartment.

How to check it?

Transparency and reliability of the transaction

We check each document for accuracy and compliance with the law. Our lawyers make inquiries to the cadastre and the courts to verify all the data and ensure the legality and purity of the transaction.

What other options could there be?

Profitability not lower than 9%

We select for investment the most promising apartments for which there will be demand in the rental market. We ensure income stability with regular guaranteed payments with an estimated profit of 3 years.

What does it depend on?

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 of our investors would like to start earlier.

Our goal is to help you plan your financial future today

Get a personal investment plan now!