Investing in
Odessa Real Estate

Profitable and safe passive income with guarantee

9-15% per year

Rental income

3-5% per year

Property value growth

from 22 000$

Apartment price

Why Odessa?

Odessa is a city that doesn’t need to know. This is not only the third largest city in Ukraine, it’s also the most promising and transparent area for real estate investment.

Odessa has active trade, oil refining, pharmacology, food production, tourism and health resorts, including spa vacations and highly developed aesthetic treatments. Apart from this, Odessa is a modern educational and cultural science center where vocational studies graduate over 100,000 students from all over the world.

The Southern Pearl is one of the most populated places – more than 150 houses are rented each year.

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Main investment options

Rental investment

Resell investment

Safe and Comfortable

Always in touch

Each investor is assigned a personal manager who is 24/7 in touch with you to resolve any issues.

Comprehensive service

You do not need to be distracted. We manage all matters related to real estate: buying, finding tenants, collecting rents and selling apartments.

Payouts every month

The first payment after the acquisition of real estate you receive the next month.

Fair partnership

We do not overestimate interest; we always work with investors openly and for the long term.

Complete investment independence

The object of investment is purely in your property. Apartments are issued in the state cadastre for the investor.

Yield guarantee

We conclude a contract with a guaranteed rental for 36 months *. You are guaranteed to earn on your investments and increase capital.

Best complexes

Aston Hall
Average yield: 11,6%
Payback: 8,6 years
Price per sq. meter: 1 760$
Min. investment: 89 760$
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Average yield: 11,3%
Payback: 8,8 years
Price per sq. meter: 780$
Min. investment: 39 770$
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Emporium Tower
Average yield: 10,1%
Payback: 9,9 years
Price per sq. meter: 1 910$
Min. investment: 72 500$
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Unity Towers
Average yield: 11,5%
Payback: 8,7 years
Price per sq. meter: 890$
Min. investment: 24 770$
Learn more
Average yield: 11,4%
Payback: 8,3 years
Price per sq. meter: 1 200$
Min. investment: 67 750$
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Average yield: 11,8%
Payback: 8,5 years
Price per sq. meter: 900$
Min. investment: 29 750$
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Aura Apart
Average yield: 11,5%
Payback: 8,7 years
Price per sq. meter: 1 080$
Min. investment: 33 210$
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Blacksea Riviera
Average yield: 11,6%
Payback: 8,6 years
Price per sq. meter: 690$
Min. investment: 30 900$
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The return on investment is growing every year due to 3% of indexation,
in 2027 the return will already be 26.7%.

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