We undertook the entire process of selecting investment-attractive objects, their acquisition and management in the interests of investors, in order to obtain safe and regular income, preserve and increase capital

Investment independence

In each property you are an investor and owner. Full registration in the cadastre. InvestPro undertakes all work with tenants, utilities and government agencies, providing a detailed report on all issues.


InvestPro provides insurance of objects against physical and other damage. The partners of InvestPro insurance programs are Privat-Insurance, Odesstrakh, Ukrsibbank Insurance and other major insurance companies of Ukraine. If the property suffers, you will receive compensation equal to the amount of your investment

Guaranteed Rights

State licensed contracts, as well as legal lease agreements, make it possible to secure investments as much as possible and to make a legal distribution of rental income to a citizen of any country in any currency on a regular basis

Full control

We have provided maximum control of data on each object for investment. Examine the object before making a decision and analyze data on your profit, as well as expenses, taxes, gross income and capitalization of your investments.
We disclose the reports of lawyers, appraisers and technicians in real time. Investment company report and revaluation every 6 months.

High rating of objects

InvestPro decides on the choice of a property based on a variety of criteria, as well as the expertise of recognized experts and successful players in the real estate market, investment and insurance

Low risk

By investing in real estate with InvestPro, your risks are minimized.
InvestPro cannot guarantee absolute protection against the risk of loss of profitability or falling value. We recommend that you invest in various real estate properties represented by our company in order to diversify your portfolio and not bear the risks associated with focusing on a particular property

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