from 29 750$
Completion date of construction 01.2021
Floors 7
Apartment area from from 29.5 m
Price per m2 from 1 000$
Min. investment from 29 750$

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Property details

In addition to sea views on the embankment of the Gold Coast, you can relax contemplating the greenery at Kovalevsky’s Dacha and walking in the park 411 battery, which is located 5 minutes’ drive from the house. And the aroma of perennial blue spruces near the complex itself energizes for important matters.

The nearest city roads are Lyustdorfskaya and Fontanskaya, along which you can reach the city center in 30 minutes. Numerous urban transport routes also run along them, which will be convenient for students studying at the Odessa National Law Academy, the International Humanitarian University and other universities in the city.
Also, at the 16th station of Fontana, there are Poseidon and Club Marine 2 residential complexes of the same comfort level with the Marinist Residence. This creates an intelligent atmosphere of neighborhood and tranquility.

Composition of the residential complex and infrastructure
The complex has a closed area, which is guarded round the clock. For kids, there are playgrounds, and for their parents – areas for sports and recreation. I am not worried about my car, because I leave it in the underground parking for 205 spaces, and my guests can park in the local area.

Structural and engineering support
It is easy to breathe here, not only because of the proximity to the sea, but also thanks to the free layout of the apartments, ceiling heights up to 3.3 m and panoramic windows made of aluminum and metal-plastic. Despite this lightness, the frame of the house is made of solid monolithic concrete with mineral wool insulation. For an optimal microclimate in the apartments, the outer and interroom walls are made of aerated concrete, and heating is provided by a roof boiler room. Apartments are rented without finishing, but with a floor screed, as well as water and gas meters and armored doors. The developer offers 3 repair options, which removes unnecessary worries from you and significantly brings the moment of check-in. You can easily deliver all the things you need and dear to the apartment using the Euroformat elevators that function in the house.

Unique features of the residential complex
* location on the 1st line from the sea;
* open terraces, spacious verandas and balconies in apartments;
* low-rise building;
* extensive green area nearby;
* high provision of parking spaces.

Investment profit
Property value growth +25 %
Rent price per month 290$
Yield 11,8%
Payback 8,5 years
Distance to center 25 min
Distance to the sea near the sea
Distance to the university 5 min
Property location
Street view
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